A look into the new Apple Watch Series 5

A look into the new Apple Watch Series 5

After much excitement, the new Apple Watch series 5 has finally been released, and was made available to pre-order on the 10th September and will be fully released, for customers to purchase in store and online on the 20th September, with prices starting from £399, you literally won’t be able to escape this handy piece of tech at such a reasonable price.

The Apple Watch series 5 comes equipped with some ground-breaking new features that completely change the smart watch game:

  • Ready when you are – The face of the Apple Watch is always on display, so you won’t have to tap the screen to activate it, making it easier than ever to check the time on your smart watch. What’s more, Apple themselves have confirmed that this will not impact battery life, meaning that the dreaded Apple battery deterioration shouldn’t come into effect!


  • Always know where you’re going – If you ever get lost wearing the Apple Watch, not to worry! The Series 5 also comes with a built in compass, and maps have been updated to show you which way your facing.


  • Your health is paramount with Apple – Apple have improved the health and safety features their previous models, the Series 5 includes fall detection, an Emergency SOS call button and medical ID. To make the emergency call you simply hold down the button on the side of your Apple Watch Series 5 to allow for instant response in an emergency situation.


  • WatchOS is the way forward – The new Series 5 watch also includes pre-installed WatchOS 6, this acts as an app with features which can monitor and track your health, e.g. measuring noise levels to protect your hearing along with a menstrual cycle tracking app to monitor women’s health day to day. This pre-installed app on the new Apple Watch Series 5 means the user doesn’t have to use their phone as a go between.


The new series 5 is set to be the most customisable Apple Watch to date with all new casings such as ceramic, stainless steel and titanium which come in a variety of different colours produced to a high quality finish with colours such as rose gold, gold silver and many more and with over 100 watch faces choose from you will never run out options.


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