How to use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

Want to make payments using your Apple Watch? Who doesn’t? Apple Pay is one of the most popular features of the device, allowing you to pay for things – quickly and easily – with a simple flick of the wrist. Now supported by most UK banks, there’s never been a better time to make use of this service and here we offer a simple step-by-step guide on how to get started.


Add a card to your Apple Watch

First things first – before you can use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch – a little set-up is required. You will need to add your debit or credit card to the device. This is a fairly simple process, especially if you’re familiar with Apple products, and can be done via the iPhone.

  1. Open the Apple Watch App and go to the ‘My Watch’ tab
  2. Scroll down and hit ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’
  3. Tap ‘Add Card’ and then ‘Continue’
  4. Add the card details

If a debit or credit card has been previously added to your iPhone, this can be added to your Apple Watch by simply inserting its security code. However, if you wish to use a new card, you will need to position this inside the square on the screen and take a photograph. Alternatively, you can enter the relevant information (i.e. name, card number, expiration date and security code) manually.

  1. Review and agree to the terms and conditions
  2. Verify the card with your bank or card issuer, by requesting a text, email or call
  3. Enter the verification code
  4. Hit ‘Done’ and a confirmation screen will appear

The debit or credit card should now appear under ‘Payment cards on your watch’.


How to make Apple Watch payments

Having set up Apple Pay on your watch, using it to pay is as simple as getting out your card. Most shops now accept payment in this way – just look out for anywhere that displays the symbols below:

When you reach the front of the queue and you’re ready to pay:

  1. Press the side button twice to pull up your card details
  2. Hold the watch a couple of centimetres above the contactless reader
  3. Dependent on the store and purchase cost, you may also need to enter your PIN

Your default card will then be used to make the payment. If you wish to use a different card, simply swipe right or left until you find the right one. Once the transaction is complete, a soft tap or vibration can be felt on the wrist and a small white tick will appear on the face of the watch.


Start using Apple Pay on your watch today

Apple Pay is a quick and easy way to purchase goods in hundreds of shops, up and down the UK. All models of the Apple Watch support this service – and what’s more, it’s simple to set-up and use. So, why not follow our practical guide and start making payments on your Apple Watch today?

Here at applewatchstrap.co.uk, we’re experts on all things Apple Watch. Therefore, if you have any questions on how to use Apple Pay with Apple Watch or would like advice on the best strap to match your device, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Either give us a call on 0333 323 2772 or send an email to customerservices@applewatchstrap.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.


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