How to get fit with an Apple fitness watch

Piled on the pounds during lockdown?

We hear you. The last few months have been an unusual and stressful time for most. Lots of people are working from home, gyms have shut down, and the snack cupboard has (unfortunately!) been within very easy reach. But thankfully, your Apple fitness watch can help you to get back into shape. The device is packed with features that will track your activity and help you to ‘get the most out of every move’. So, why not lift your bum off the sofa and start to shift that lockdown weight?


Choose an Apple watch workout

Cycling, walking, swimming, yoga. You name it, this watch can measure it.

In fact, the workout app currently has 12 different workouts for you to choose from. Each one is created using a custom algorithm for that specific type of exercise, so you’ll get accurate credit for the work done. You can see how long the session lasted, how many calories you burned, your average heart rate and more, and can track your progress for that particular activity over time.


Attempt to close your rings

The activity app allows you, on a day-to-day basis, to track:

  1. How much you moved (in terms of active calories burned)
  2. How long you have exercised for (in terms of minutes)
  3. The number of hours in which you have stood and moved for at least one minute

These three goals are displayed as rings on the home screen of your Apple fitness watch. Throughout the day, the device will offer automatic suggestions and encouragement – to help you close each one successfully – and will let you know once all three goals have been reached.

In other words, it’ll tell when it’s time to stop being lazy and get up and move!


Compete with friends

It’s possible to invite friends – who also have an Apple fitness watch – to compete in a seven-day competition. Each day, points will be rewarded every time you add 1% to your activity rings. Then, once you reach the end of the week, these points will be totted up and the person with the most wins.

A little competition is a great way to stay motivated and enthusiastic about exercise. What’s more, having shared your activity goals with a friend, you will get notifications about each other’s workouts and can send pre-sent ‘smack talk’ and encouragement messages in return. You’re in it together.


Sports straps that can be used with an Apple fitness watch


Ready to get fit with an Apple watch?

Great stuff. Now is the time to get active and start shedding those pandemic pounds – and an Apple fitness watch is a fantastic way to keep a record of your movements and track your progress.

If you do plan to wear your device for workouts, remember, it’s important to invest in a watch strap that is comfortable, breathable and water-resistant. Here at Apple Watch Straps UK, we have a diverse range of sports straps to choose from, all perfectly designed for low-high intensity exercise. So, why not take a look today? Get yourself kitted out and get back into shape ASAP.


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