How to set up an Apple Watch

Lucky you!

You’re the proud owner of a brand new Apple Watch.

It’s time to peel back the cellophane, get it out of the box and onto your wrist. And to help you and your latest piece of tech get acquainted, here we offer a simple step-by-step guide – detailing how to pair the smartwatch with your iPhone, download some apps and get started with Activity.

Just put half an hour to one side and enjoy.


5 steps to set-up your new Apple Watch


1. Pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone

Apple has a detailed ‘Set up your Apple Watch’ guide, which talks you through the first few steps and is definitely worth a read before you begin. But even for an absolute tech-novice, setting up an Apple Watch – and pairing it with your iPhone – is a relatively quick and straightforward process.

To start, turn the watch on by pressing and holding the side button. Your iPhone should immediately detect the watch is near and a message will pop up on the screen: ‘Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch’. Hit the ‘Continue’ button and follow the prompts to complete the process.

Easy as that.

If this is your first Apple Watch, you’ll need to select ‘Set Up Apple Watch’. Otherwise, you can simply tap ‘Restore from Backup’ and all data from your old model will be moved across.


2. Create a passcode

This isn’t essential to set up your Apple Watch – and it can be skipped until later. Unlike the iPhone, you don’t need to enter a code every single time you wish to use your watch. But if you plan to use Apply Pay, you’ll need to create a passcode and it’s easiest to do this during the initial set-up.

On your iPhone, tap ‘Create a Passcode’ or ‘Add a Long Passcode’. Then, switch to your smartwatch and enter this new code. At this point, you can also set-up your preferred payment details too.


3. Install apps onto the Apple Watch

During set-up, you’ll be prompted to install all apps – currently on your iPhone – that are compatible with your watch. Simply hit ‘Install all’ and every app will be transferred. Or, if you prefer, you can choose which apps you want later via the Apple Watch app. It’s entirely up to you.

It’s also worth pointing out, you are no longer dependent on your iPhone to download apps onto your smartwatch. Thanks to changes introduced with the latest iOS, you can now browse and download apps directly onto your wrist. Just open your watch’s App Store to get started.


Man setting up an Apple Watch


4. Set up Activity

The ‘Activity’ app on your watch relies on personal information to calculate steps, calories burned and distance walked – so it’s essential that you take time to input your data. Again, this can be done when prompted during the initial set-up. Or you can do it after you have set up your Apple Watch. Just don’t forget, as exercise will not be tracked until the relevant information has been entered.

To get started, open the app on your Apple Watch. Here you can enter details about yourself, change activity goals, check your daily progress and set notifications and reminders to move.


5. Attach your chosen Apple watch strap

Last but not least, try on your new accessory and make sure you’re happy with how it looks and feels. Apple watches are typically supplied with a sports band. But these come in two sizes, so you may need to switch it out – for the smaller or bigger size – to ensure a comfortable fit.

Alternatively, you may wish to swap the sports band for a completely different style. Here at Apple Watch Straps UK, we have a diverse range of bands to choose from – including leather, rubber, luxury bands, designer straps, Milanese straps and more. So, if the sporty style isn’t to your taste, there’s plenty of options to choose from. And attaching a new strap to your device is incredibly quick and easy.

Simply hold down the band release button (located on the back of the watch face) and slide the band across to remove it. Then, slide the new band into place until you hear it click.


Straps available at Apple Watch Straps UK


Need further guidance?

More information on how to set up an Apple Watch can be found at Apple Support, including how to get started with your own Apple Watch, how to set up an Apple Watch for a family member and how to use the latest features of the Apple Watch Series 6. So be sure to check it out.

Or if you have any questions about Apple watch straps and how to fit these to your new gadget, we’re always happy to help – here at Apple Watch Strap UK. Either send an email to customerservices@applewatchstrap.co.uk or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you.


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