5 of the best Apple Watch apps for 2021

Santa bring you an Apple Watch? Someone was definitely on the nice list!

No doubt you’re still getting used to it. After all, the latest version is packed full of fantastic features. But to make the most of your new tech-based wearable, why not download a few extra apps?

Developers are now putting a great deal of time and effort into creating great experiences for Apple’s smallest device. And here we’ve rounded up just a few of the best Apple Watch apps currently available for download. Take a look today and extend your watch’s capabilities!


1. Things – £9.99

Want to get stuff done this year? ‘Things’ could be the solution.

This is an award-winning productivity app, designed to help you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress towards your goals. It’s incredibly easy to use, with a simple yet effective interface. You can create a ‘to do’ list for each day, tick off items as you go or postpone them for later. And it’s a great way to get things off your mind and focus on what matters.


2. Overcast – Free

Podcasts have boomed in popularity over the last 12 months. In fact, approximately 15.6 million Brits are now tuning in – and Overcast offers an easy way to find and enjoy your favourites.

As a critically-acclaimed app, it boasts many useful features – such as Smart Speed (which saves time without distorting the audio) and Voice Boost (which ensures all podcasts are played at the same volume). You can create playlists, receive optional notifications when new episodes arrive. And all episodes can be played back via your smartwatch, without having to use your iPhone.


3. Strava – Free

Need to shed a few pounds after the festivities?

Strava is one of the best Apple Watch apps to help you achieve your goals.

Essentially, it’s a fitness app, that allows you to track a wide range of sports and activities – including running, cycling, swimming, hiking, kayaking, surfing and many more. Statistics on distance, pace, speed, elevation gained, and calories burned can all be viewed in real-time. And to give you a little motivation, you can set yourself monthly challenges and compete with friends and family.


4. AutoSleep – £3.99

Apple has recently introduced its own sleep tracking app, but this only works during designated ‘Sleep Mode’ hours and provides very basic information. So, if you’d like to monitor both the quantity and quality of you zzz’s, we recommend downloading AutoSleep.

Using advanced heuristics, this top-rated app automatically tracks how long you’ve slept via your Apple Watch. It also monitors restlessness, time awake and heart rate – to calculate a score of the quality of your sleep – and will provide a comprehensive ‘night analysis’ each morning.


5. Deliveries – Free

Doing a lot of online shopping these days? Thanks to the pandemic, that’s you, us, and the rest of the country. And Deliveries is a fantastic app to help you keep tabs on all of your parcels.

From the main interface, you can see a summary of all packages that are coming your way – with a countdown of days until their arrival. You can also view further detailed information on their status and location. The app supports dozens of delivery services (e.g. UPS, FedEx, Amazon) and will send regular notifications regarding your parcel’s whereabouts.


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Diversify your watch with new apps and bands

Fresh out of the box, the Apple Watch is an excellent device, with many useful in-built apps and features. But it can’t hurt to see what else is available in the Apple App Store. Why not try our suggestions? Download the best Apple Watch apps for 2021 and discover your tech’s full potential.

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